Song List and About Noah

Noah & the VineTones are a versatile group playing many originals which are a blend of Groove, Funk, Reggae, and Rock. Noah & the VineTones also play many cove songs to engage everyone with. The goal of the band is to have an interactive experience with your guests and leave them smiling.

Dance, listen, and enjoy!

Just a few COVER songs that are performed below:

Sublime The Shins
What I Got Those To Come
Burritos New Slang
Bad Fish
Nirvana Somebody I Used To Know
Bad Folks George Michael
Territorial Pissings – Mellow Version Faith
STP Kanye West
Girlfriend Heartless
Interstate Love Song
Britney Spears
Jack Johnson Toxic
Mud Football
Sittin’ Waitin’ Wishin’ Johnny Cash
Bubbly Toes Rusty Cage
Sam Smith If You Could Only See the Way She Loves Me
Stay With Me
Not the Only One Spinal Tap
Lala All the Way Home
Beatles Fastball
BlackBird The Way
Hide Your Love Away
Better Off Dead
Elvis Spin Me Right Round
Caught in a Trap
The Black Keys
New Republic Little Black Submarine
Counting Stars
Cat Stevens Mexico
The Wind
THe Mighty Wind
Bon Jovi Wanderin
Dead or Alive
Pearl Jam Bunk With You Tonight
Oh Where Oh Where
Just Breathe The Lumineers
Hey ho
The Cars
Just what I needed Marcy’s Playground
Sex and Candy
Tom Petty
Learning to Fly Violent Femmes
Blister in the Sun