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the vinetones

Noah & the VineTones play Live Music infusing Groove, Funk, Reggae, Rock. Noah is a singer, guitarist, percussionist, and songwriter. Many music professionals, as well as casual listeners, have complimented Noah’s voice and some have gone as far to say that Noah possesses a “very rich and full voice.”

Noah’s life has always had music as a centerpiece. After decades of professional gigging, a professional career in broadcast FM radio editing, Commercial writing for major radio stations, most notably composing the Los Angeles Metro Bus and Trains Campaign which ran for over three years, Noah has become a veteran to the music world. Playing solo acoustic or with his band the VineTones, Noah is sure to bring joy to the ears of listeners.

thousands of radio stations. One of his most notable songs was a Christmas song called “Christmas Eve.”  This song was played in rotation for over 3 years, until it saw the end of it’s run. When you hire Noah Solo or Noah & the VineTones, Noah will always bring a professional personality and presence to your venue.

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