noah & the VineTones

Check out the taster demo below to hear what noah & the VineTones sound like LIVE!

Playing music from the 1990’s through today, Noah & the VineTones never steal the show from your event. The goal of the band is to enhance your event with great music at a volume your guests will appreciate. No more guests complaining about the loud volume of the music hurting their ears! Happy guests make for a happy event!

Jack Johnson, Sublime, George Michael, and Sam Smith are just a few of the artists the band covers.

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Solo Musician for Hire

Check out my SOLO demo below to hear my LIVE sound:)

When Noah plays a solo show, he brings all different kinds of music for guests to enjoy. Always finding a way to enhance the atmosphere, Noah will gently interact with guests to bring out smiles. Nothing makes Noah happier than hearing the words from an establishment owner, “Everyone seemed to really enjoy your music, they told me so!”

Noah is also a great MC to help you introduce raffles and other event related activities. Make your guests remember their experience at your winery or event by adding Noah’s music to your event. Your guests will thank you.

Feel free to view live footage from a recent event below.

The Band

The Band

Our simple “taster-demo”

WE hope you enjoy:)


Chris Temple: Bass Player

The Vinetones- Paso Robles Music - Chris TempleNoah found Chris Temple on Craigslist. After jamming together, Chris and Noah both knew they were having a very chill time and enjoying themselves, not to mention developing a nice set list to boot. Chris has an incredible ability to transposition songs into the correct key on bass. “He’s a joy to jam with” said Noah.

Chris also has a deep love for Jazz. You can hear this jazz influence in many ways in the band’s music. As a true bass player, Chris helps create the backbone of a songs vibe.


Chris Krotke: Drums

Chris Krotke - Noah and The VineTonesChris Krotke hails from Northern California. A true gentleman and scholar, he is always willing to lend a hand and a smile. Drumming is a passion for Chris. His last band in San Francisco played a number of shows and after Chris moved south to the Central Coast, he knew he still wanted to be in a band. From day one, Noah knew he would make a great fit.





Noah Cryns: Songwriter, Singer, and Guitar Player

Shred_lighterNoah has been playing music since a young age and has grown to appreciate all styles of music. “If it’s music, I probably like it,” said Noah.

Originally from Chicago then Los Angeles, Noah has found the Central Coast to be a welcome relief from the hectic cities. Noah has been on the Central Coast for about four years.



Noah’s rock band, Juvenocracy, brought Noah from Chicago to LA in 2000. After a great run with his band, he decided it was time to get out of the city. Noah has worked in the Record Business, Radio Business, Cheerleading Music Business, as well as completing a Movie Soundtrack and many Radio Jingles. Noah’s largest work was writing the Los Angeles Bus and Trains Jingle that played for over 3 years, Go Metro!

Noah’s new goal is to bring music to all the wonderful locals and tourists on the Central Coast. Book Noah today! (805)975-9107 or click here to fill out a form.